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Chlidrens portrait artist

As a childrens artist, painting a portrait in oil must be the most endearing way to capture a moment in time. It can reflect subtility that makes a picture seem almost alive. A portrait painted in oil will also stand the test of time and become a treasured reminder of the subject for the generations to come.

Painting from your photos

I work from your photos. So if you have a favourite snapshot you’d like to see as a finished work of art, contact me for for information. Any photo can be considered, as long as the subject is clear and crisp.

Portraits in miniature!

Portraits don’t have to be big to be impressive, a small portrait may fit into our homes much more comfortably than a larger one. I can create miniature portraits from 5� x 4�. They make great presents and can be framed using ornate gilt frames to really set them off!


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