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Dog portraits in oil on canvas or linen

Commission a dog portrait in oil!

Dog portraits in oil can be some of the most evocative ways to capture the character of your pet. Oil painting is a versatile medium and with it I can render the detail and textures that go to make my portraits perfect for capturing your pets character.

Most of my portraits are painted in a setting that is associated with the pet. This may be the local park, beach, or comfy sofa! These places are inextricably linked to our pet and can help remind us of those happy times. However, you may wish to have a more modern funky style, so why not have your pet painted with a strong flat colour? It creates a more graphic effect, is striking to look at, and works well for more modern minimalist room styles.

You can see more samples of my dog portraits by following this link to my pets portraits page. Contact me to discuss what you have in mind and what timescales you have, I’ll then be able to offer advice on how to achieve what you’re after.

Size is important

The size of dog portrait you go for really depends on the room you wish to hang it, a smaller room with a limited amount of wall space will benefit with a smaller portrait. My dog portraits start at 5� x 4�, enabling you to get the best size for the space available.

Dog Portrait in oil


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