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You can have your portrait framed in a wide selection of styles

A picture frame is the finishing touch to any painting, it also helps protect the finished picture from warping and, if glazed, atmosheric dirt and dust that will accumulate over time. I offer a framing service that includes a wide range of frame styles, you can choose from the samples below or request a style more suited to your taste or decor, just let me know what you looking for when you place your order. It is possible that some styles may get discontinued, if this happens I will offer a frame that matches as closely as possible the original style.
  • 32mm Gold Spot
  • 32mm Ornamental Mahogany
  • 32mm Pine Pit
  • 33mm Goldline
  • 35mm Simmons Maple
  • 38mm Oak
  • 40mm Flat Black
  • 40mm Italian Walnut
  • 45mm Distressed Pine
  • 47mm Victorian Brown
  • 50mm Antique Gold
  • 50mm Cobweb Brown
  • Ornate Guilt


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