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House portraits in oil or pencil drawings and sketches

House portraits in oil offer something special that will last forever. A family home can evoke many emotional memories, so why not capture those memories and have a painting created of YOUR home. It makes a wonderful centerpiece and can bring a sense of comfort and familiarity to any room. Each property has it’s own character and that can be enhanced by the seasons, so when you choose the photo you wish me to use as a reference, consider what time of year it is. Does your home look fabulous in the spring with new growth around it? In the splendour of Summer or the rustic hues of Autumn? You choose.

Brief encounters

There is no need to be restricted to your home either, perhaps you had a particularly memorable time on holiday or a weekend stay with friends? If you have a photo of the place you stayed, I could transform it into a lasting work of art in oils. Simply send me the photos you have and I can advice on their suitability.

House sketches in pencil

I can also create a pencil drawing of your house. It’s a great way of owning a momento of your home without the cost of a portrait in oil.


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