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Pet portraits painted from photos

I paint my pet portraits from photos, this enables me to offer my pet portrait services to a wider audience. As such, it’s important to select photos that show aspects of your dog or cat’s character as clearly as possible. Characteristics may be a particluar marking on their coat or the way they sit, you as the owner will know your pet best and are best placed to choose the photos that pick up on these points. Some pets love certain places, so it might be nice to have your pet painted in that scene. Favourite parks, the beech, or a well loved armchair have all been used as great backdrops in past portraits.

Above all make sure that, whatever photo you choose for your pet portrait, it is clear and crisp with as much detail as possible. It’s from these small details that I can re-create the character of your pet so, the more I can see in the photos, the better the end result.

You can see a selection of my past portraits on my gallery page. If you’re ready to place an order or just want more information, use the contact form to get in touch.

Pet portrait from photo


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